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How to Control Grease Contamination

Posted by Chemtool Team | 10/22/2019

Grease contamination is a leading cause of machinery failure. It impairs the grease’s ability to control friction, wear, and corrosion, which makes control of contaminant entrance vital to avoid...

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Start a Preventive Maintenance Program to Save on Machine Maintenance and Grease

Posted by Chemtool Team | 09/10/2019

When it comes to grease, we know lubricants reduce friction around moving parts. Therefore, a schedule of good lubrication maintenance extends the life of large machinery and parts. Preventive...

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Judging a Grease by its Color: Is ‘what we see’ an appropriate grease-evaluation method?

Posted by Chemtool Team | 08/13/2019

Although an important feature of every grease, color does not typically impart any performance properties. Color can, however, indicate the presence of certain grease additives, and the grey to...

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Grease Compatibility, Charts and Testing: What is the most reliable method for determining grease compatibility?

Posted by Chemtool Team | 07/16/2019

We stated in an earlier blog that greases should not be mixed and the general recommendation for compatibility determination is to consult the standard ASTM D6185. Still, grease and equipment...

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Grease Storage and Handling Tips That Pay

Posted by Chemtool Team | 06/18/2019

Even under perfect conditions, grease can lose performance capabilities and eventually become unusable if stored too long. In less than optimal conditions, the process is hastened, wasting time...

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How to Maximize the Shelf Life of Industrial Grease

Posted by Chemtool Team | 05/22/2019

The shelf life of an industrial grease is a major factor to consider in proper inventory management to guarantee its suitability for use and its ability to deliver the desired performance in the...

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What You Need to Know About Mixing Industrial Greases

Posted by Chemtool Team | 05/08/2019

Grease compatibility articles and charts abound, making the mixing of greases appear to be a convenient method to make decisions. But compatibility charts are not all the same. Add to that the...

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Seven Types of Grease Explained

Posted by Chemtool Team | 04/23/2019

Grease is defined as a semisolid lubricant that generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral, synthetic or vegetable oil. The characteristic feature of grease is that has a high...

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How to Load a Grease Gun

Posted by Chemtool Team | 04/09/2019

Industrial grease can be purchased in cartridges and in bulk. The grease is applied using one of several types of grease guns. In most cases, they are filled the same way — either with a cartridge...

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