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Switch to GHS

Dear Valued Customer,

Chemtool Incorporated is committed to provide accurate and timely Regulatory Support for our customers. To help our customers prepare for the new GHS Regulations, we are sending this letter to provide you with an update of the regulation and our support activities.

What is GHS?

GHS is the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This standard is incorporated into OSHA’s new Hazcom Communication Standard, and is more commonly referred to as HCS 2012. It was officially adopted in March 2012, and replaces HCS 1994. The details of HCS 2012 can be studied at:

When Will the Industry Switch to GHS?

Whereas OSHA 2012 requires that the industry convert to GHS by June 2015, Chemtool Incorporated is proactively targeting full compliance by no later than April 2015.

Why Is the Industry Switching to GHS?

  • As the name implies, GHS is intended to be a Global system, and as such, would create a standardized international system of classifying products, and authoring labels and SDSs.
  • GHS should provide standardized Safety recommendations.
  • GHS will also facilitate international trade of chemical products.

What Are Some of the Changes You will See with GHS?

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) will now be referred to simply as Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Finished Good Classifications and corresponding terminology will change
  • In addition to written hazard warnings, SDSs will now include easy to spot Hazard Symbols (Pictograms) in Section
We offer full technical support in the transition, and urge you to contact us with any questions.

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