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Chemtool Announces New Lubricut™ 4284 Synthetic Metalworking Fluid for Aluminum Machining/Grinding

Chemtool Incorporated announces Lubricut™ 4284, the newest in their line of high performance metalworking fluids. Lubricut™ 4284 is a high performance synthetic coolant, specially formulated for machining and grinding aluminum (and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys).  Its special composition provides lubricity and detergency that promote machine cleanliness (for less downtime spent cleaning) and high-quality finishes of machined parts. Lubricut™ 4284 has special corrosion inhibitors that deliver outstanding protection against staining, while remaining stable in both hard and soft water.

Other Features of Lubricut™ 4284

  • Excellent lubricant film strength for improved tool life and finish
  • Low foaming
  • Excellent aluminum machining performance

How is Lubricut™ 4284 different from other products?

“Lubricut™ 4284 resists hard water buildup and has no emulsions in which bacteria can grow that normally affect the sump," according to Mark Warnock, Fluids Technical Manager. "Its unique composition maximizes heat transfer properties that remove heat from the tool—maximizing tool life, while remaining a cost-effective fluid.”

It is compatible with aluminum, bronze, copper, cast iron and steel, is safe for all metals, has a refract factor of 2.6 and is excellent for milling, turning, sawing, drilling, burnishing and OD/ID/centerless grinding applications—especially general aluminum alloys and aerospace aluminum alloys.

Since 1963, Chemtool Incorporated is one of the largest manufacturers and custom formulators of lubricants and specialty products in the world, providing technologies and services to solve problems that improve performance, extend service life, provide process improvements, and reduce the overall facility costs. Chemtool’s breakthrough technologies include grease, lubricants, metal working fluids, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, quenchants, diecast and hydraulic fluids.

Chemtool Incorporated is a subsidiary of Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.


Kari Larson, Marketing Manager
Chemtool Incorporated
801 West Rockton Rd.
Rockton, IL 61072

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